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    Security is Kinetic.


Every industry needs a periodic shake-up.

Entrepreneurially-minded security experts created Kinetic to bring fresh energy to the security industry. We develop and deliver progressive, dynamic, integrated security services to make people feel safer. We provide total, professional security protection combined with a genuine commitment to customer service—how, when and where you need it. Backed by the resources of one of BC’s largest security providers, Commissionaires BC, Kinetic creates win-win solutions that work—in the field and on your bottom line.

Our goal is to totally transform the landscape of private security companies by offering something new, different and better. It’s a more active, agile and adaptable approach. That’s why we call it Kinetic...because we are security in action.Kinetic—a different kind of security company. One that gives you total security protection with outstanding customer service.

Security Guarding
Security Guarding

Security Guarding

Kinetic delivers professional Security Guarding solutions how, when and where you need them. We support our licensed and bonded guards with proven technology applications and management that always has their back. Our guards go that extra mile to prevent, defuse and manage any situation.

From access control and security patrols to First Aid and control room management, our experienced team can develop and deliver a security plan that meets your needs and your budget.

We take a hands-on approach to client relations and site management, backing up our guards 24/7. It’s a more active, agile and adaptable approach to guarding. It’s Kinetic. Designed and delivered to make you feel safer.
Event / Crowd Security
Event / Crowd Security

Event / Crowd Security

Typical event security is passive and waiting for action. Kinetic Event Security is always active and a step ahead. Our security guards are approachable and ready to help your guests. They’re continuously monitoring the crowd and communicating with each other to stay on top of any situation. You and your guests will feel safer, more relaxed and more able to enjoy the event to the max. We provide event security for all types of events: corporate, fundraising, private and more. We’re in the business of making people feel safer while protecting assets. Trust Kinetic for all your event needs including:

• Access Control
• Wanding and bag searches
• Crowd Control
• Emergency Response
• Diffusing Conflict


Kinetic Concierge Security brings together two vital services: security and customer service. Our security team members are professional and approachable creating a welcoming yet safe atmosphere for your tenants and visitors. Security concierges are equipped to handle incidents and diffuse conflict. More than that—they are a friendly face and a reassuring presence, ready to be of service. Security concierges will:

• Monitor alarms, CCTV and equipment
• Secure premises on foot patrol
• Greet and sign in visitors
• Check and issue access cards
• Receive packages
• Handle emergencies and incidents
Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response
Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response

Mobile Patrol / Alarm Response

Periodic, unscheduled property checks are proven crime deterrents. Our Mobile Security Patrol vehicle and security presence will send the message loud and clear — this premise is under Kinetic’s active protection. We’ll arrive and do a thorough check by walking the whole property and checking gates, doors and windows. We act immediately to resolve incidents and issues. We’re highly visible, very active and totally accountable for protecting your place of business.

We also do bike patrol for clients where it makes sense to be front and center. So we can keep people safe while offering outstanding customer service; answering questions, giving directions, and patrolling the premises.

Kinetic’s Alarm Response is activated the instant your security alarm goes off. Our team gets on site fast, does a quick check for break and enter and calls the police if needed. Your property gets a thorough inspection, inside and out. The sooner you know where you stand, the quicker you can act to secure your property—and we can take care of that too.
Bylaw Enforcement
Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement

Kinetic offers bylaw enforcement services to ensure compliance while keeping your budgets under control. With trained and experienced experts running the field, we cover a range of services, from Park Patrol to Parking Enforcement.

At Kinetic we believe in being a part of the communities we serve, providing customer service and gaining compliance through education and active communication. Ticketing is a necessary component of enforcement but not the only part of the job. We create a visible presence, acting as front line customer service as well as enforcing regulations.
Consulting / Risk Assessment
Consulting / Risk Assessment

Consulting / Risk Assessment

Kinetic demystifies security threats and risk. Through our parent company, Commissionaires BC, our certified professionals will identify exactly what security threats your organization is or could be up against. Then, we separate actual from potential risk, focusing on protection from the probable and the possible. We envision scenarios and identify mitigation measures. A Security Risk Assessment gives you the knowledge to take appropriate action to protect your assets and your people, so you can focus on other important issues.

For more information on Security Consulting/Risk Assessments, please visit Commissionaires BC.
Current Opportunities


Dynamic work that fits your life

Are you looking for a job in security or to start your career in law enforcement? Come join our team. We hand pick our people and train them to be able handle any situation. Work with a dynamic team of security professionals that believes in supporting it members and helping them grow. Find rewarding work that keeps you on your toes – it’s exciting – it’s security in action.

Top reasons to work here.

Learn from the best—our company leaders and trainers have backgrounds in military, law enforcement and security

We focus on our people, with support from our supervisors and management team 24/7, so we always have your back.

Gain valuable skills that directly translates into careers in law enforcement or security management.

Offer dynamic work environments to keep you on your toes.

We’re in the industry of “protecting the universe” – if you feel like a superhero working for us, it’s only natural.

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Current Opportunities

Security Officer - Full Time
JOB #3111 | Surrey, BC
  • Date Posted: 6 days ago 
  •  |  Closing Date: Dec 31

Location Description:

Surrey, BC




  • Access Control. Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises.
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Maintain a log of equipment sign-outs
  • Provide clear and helpful direction to facility visitors and truck drivers
  • Conduct occasional facility patrols to ensure the safety and security of equipment
  • Clearly report or escalate unusual activities or occurrences
  • All other tasks/assignments as directed by a Client Representative or Manager


Full-time: Monday through Friday, 15:00 – 23:00


  • Valid BC Security Workers’ License
  • Past experience in a similar environment (logistics, distribution or transportation) is a huge asset
  • Intermediate data entry/processing skills
  • Basic to intermediate computer skills
  • Excellent attention-to-detail
  • Enjoy being active and busy. You will be stepping outside frequently to process trucks/trailers (in all weather conditions!)
  • Willing to commit at least one year to this role
  • Willing to begin training immediately

Apply to this job now with or online application form. We appreciate the interest of all applicants; however, only those considered for an interview will be contacted. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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